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Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in the supply chain

Supply chains are subject to constant changes that come from various points in logistics, which is why they need emerging technologies to adapt and overcome new global operational challenges. 

In this sense, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have played a fundamental role in improving supply chains, adapting them to new standards and protocols and drastically streamlining processes. 

It should be mentioned that the more complex the product or service to be delivered, so will be the logistics and the supply chain, because they involve more actors and suppliers; increasing the risks of human and technical errors or losses if it is not carried out strategically. 


Artificial Intelligence: the key to a flawless operation. 

As you know, Artificial Intelligence (AI) are systems dedicated to imitating human intelligence, they collect data and have the ability to gradually improve assigned tasks thanks to the information obtained in this process. 

At the same time, AI is capable of improving supply chain; being a logistics operation process that works with large amounts of information from the moment a product is ordered, it is in motion and reaches its final destination, it is capable of using the data collected to optimize processes and avoid technical errors or by human hand. 

AI becomes a solution to various problems that a supply chain can present, such as: optimizing times, avoiding product losses, improving the distribution process, improving communication between key points of operation; even handle process automation technologies that also involve business robotics. 

From the above we can then deduce cost savings and improvement in the capacity of the operators, where the human hand is reduced and the new machines are capable of performing the task automatically. 


Internet of Things for a connected supply chain, and more. 

What would a supply chain be without connectivity? Through the Internet of Things (IoT), we can be sure that a part of the visibility of the supply, manufacturing and distribution process will reach the right hands, in less time and with the lowest possible cost. 

Likewise, the IoT allows improving routes and increasing transparency in operations, one of the priorities for companies, especially due to the increase in demand for electronic commerce caused by the current pandemic. We can affirm then that the digitization of supply chains was a more evident need in the last year. 



The logistics sector and supply chains are not far behind when it comes to digital transformation; the need for real-time tracking and monitoring, as well as automated process setup and optimizations at all levels of the supply chain, is necessary for day-to-day operations. 

Have you given any thought on how are you going to face the demands of the changes and regulations that events such as COVID-19 have caused? Ensure the competitiveness of your business now, with the appropriate solutions and services. 

At Woodward Logistics we understand this challenge, and streamlining supply chains through technologies that allow the best results are part of our portfolio of solutions and are our letter of introduction. Come to us and let our experience solve all your business needs.