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Meet the Decree of the new Mexico's National Customs Agency (ANAM)

Mexico plays a significant role in terms of international imports and exports. That is why it needs total clarity of every custom that comprises it. In this article, you’ll learn everything about ANAM, the autonomous entity that will soon be in charge of Mexican customs management.


When discussing ANAM’s creation, we must mention AGA (General Customs Administration) as its most crucial antecedent. It’s in charge, up to now, of supervising, monitoring, and controlling the entry and exit of goods, the processes and logistics involved, to apply the legislation that regulates customs clearance and the systems, methods, and procedures to which customs must abide.

The General Customs Administration was created in July 1997 and depends on the SAT (Tax Administration System), which belongs to the SHCP (Ministry of Finance and Public Credit). That is why its activities are to ease international trade and promote voluntary compliance with taxpayers’ obligations, overseeing the correct tax and customs legislation application, and helping national security strengthen.

ANAM as an autonomous administrative entity

Mexico has 49 strategically positioned customs offices that allow it to import and export, respectively. Thus, the need arises for new ways to enable transparent, agile, and legal products flow.

This is why the Mexican National Customs Agency (ANAM) creation was recently announced through a Decree. ANAM will be a decentralized administrative entity of the SHCP and has the following premises: providing better care and expeditious support to importers and exporters, improving and streamlining trade and eliminating trade barriers.

ANAM will be essential to:

  • Provide better attention and clearance of customs-related matters.
  • Technical, operational, administrative, and management autonomy, which will have the character of fiscal and customs authority to issue resolutions directly related to customs matters.
  • It will organize and direct the customs and inspection services, to apply and ensure the compliance of the legal norms that regulate the entry and exit of goods from the national territory. As well as those related to the contributions payment and benefits applicable to foreign trade operations, in compliance with the executive powers conferred by this Decree, as well as those that are expressly instructed by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit.
  • It will be able to call on the armed forces to do its job and, as a consequence, improve customs operations security.



The Decree that announces the ANAM creation will enter into force once the Union Congress accredits the transfer of customs functions (currently in charge of the SAT). The SHCP holder will propose the holder in due time.

Without a doubt, ANAM represents an advance in the effort to improve Mexico’s competitiveness and international trade. Still, it also announces significant challenges and modifications to the processes of exporters and importers as they are known until now.

At Woodward Logistics, we are prepared to take on this challenge. We have over 80 years of experience in logistics and international trade, allowing us to apply new regulations to ensure the continuity of our client’s operations and take them beyond borders and limits. Let us take your business wherever you want.