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Omnichannel Logistics: a new experience for the consumer

The e-commerce sector has had to face great challenges in recent months, and omnichannel logistics plays a fundamental role in responding to new consumer demands. 

On the one hand, e-commerce increased in an unprecedented way due to confinement, according to a recent UNCTAD report, world sales in this sector reached 26.7 billion dollars globally in 2019, an increase of 4%. compared to 2018. 

Meanwhile, it is true that efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 forced companies to adapt to new rules and regulations, as well as improve their supply chains to offer a new experience to end consumers, according to the new ones. Needs imposed by the evolution of electronic commerce where purchases are made over the Internet or applications, and consumers try to avoid going to a physical store to find and choose their items. 


From the concept to the experience 

Omnichannel logistics is a relationship of inventories, orders and delivery in an electronic and traditional way, which allows improving the experience for consumers, the visibility of the supply chain and stock management; at the same time reduces lead times, resources and costs. 

At this point is when we approach omnichannel logistics as a complete strategy, which is the union of physical and online inventories through technological management tools; with this action it is possible to double the availability of the articles in question, which increases the supply of articles. 

By making this connection of stock availability, the transparency in the inventory is complete, additionally it allows to plan the supply according to the demand. 

But the scope of this strategy does not stop there, which reaches the warehouses where it is possible to serve all channels from fixed locations. These omnichannel warehouses continue to evolve constantly and many companies no longer see it as an option, but as a necessity to offer a better experience to consumers. The clearest example is the companies that have the option of picking up the order at their facilities, which has been made in advance online or some other remote means. 



To carry out this strategy, company-customer communication is vital, which is totally transparent and consistent during the purchase cycle, which must be wherever and wherever the process begins. 

The management technology of this strategy must contemplate proactivity, the connection between the different areas of the company and information in real time, which responds to the immediate demands of consumers and knowledge of their orders and deliveries. 

Omnichannel logistics continues to continually evolve to deliver the best experience while enabling supply chain transparency, delivery fulfillment, and anticipating potential risks. 

This strategy adapts to what consumers demand from the moment they decide to make a digital purchase, which is increasing and will surely require constant changes; it is better that this integration is part of the companies that offer these services. 

At Woodward Logistics we want to help you respond to these new demands, we have more than 80 years of experience and we know that the solution is a strategy capable of creating a functional ecosystem between companies and end consumers.