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Quality Label: the response to Manzanillo’s Port saturation

Did you know Manzanillo Port is the most important in Mexico? Due to its strategic port exit, it handles most of the Mexican import and export products.

But besides the fact that it has been consistent with its growth, in recent years, and even before the health emergency due to COVID-19th, the port has reported an operations’ saturation. As a result, transport and merchandise must wait long periods to enter or exit the harbor.

Manzanillo Port in numbers

According to AAAPUMAC (Manzanillo Port Custom Agents Association), this port records a flow of 3,000 trucks every day.

It is worth mentioning that a 310 million pesos budget was recently approved for 2022 for this port, 72% higher than the approved last year in the 2021 Federal expenses budget. This money will be used mainly for maintenance and dredging.

“Manzanillo is the gateway to maritime trade with Asia, becoming the most important port in Mexico. It operates 47% of the containers transported, which represents 35% of maritime costumes total operations, 12% of the maritime customs income and 13% of all the country’s customs income” according to Sergio Pérez, AAAPUMAC CEO.

Other relevant data is its 24/7 operation, which generates more than 65% of Mexico’s GDP. Also, it connects with five international railroad crossings.


Quality Label as a window for opportunity

Manzanillo Port custom logistics results from its growth and apparent saturation, where superficial changes are not enough and are required beyond maintenance and time optimization.

Up to this point is where Quality Label becomes the solution to the problem. This program was launched in 2010 for the federal ports of Ensenada, Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Altamira, and Veracruz, and aims to guarantee the importer to carry out customs clearance in 24 hours or less.

The plan, according to SCT (Communication and Transport Ministry), is to develop a coordination dynamic where port operations become more efficient, through the provision of third party services (customs agency), which must comply with certain quality standards embodied in service guarantees that give certainty to clients and ports users.

The benefits of this coordination can be divided into the following areas:

  • Clients: Optimal quality levels, the possibility of working with high-quality internationally renowned companies, logistics, and transparency of processes improvement.
  • Service providers: It encourages healthy competition, full integration in the port community and promotes unique information platforms.
  • Port: More efficiency, service quality improvement, and an excellent trading tool.

At this first phase of its implementation, Quality Label, specifically in Manzanillo Port, evidenced port activity problems, such as delays, cost overruns, transparency, and security of the merchandise.

Time is now

Faced with the apparent saturation and new logistical demands of the most important port in Mexico, it is imperative to retake the Quality Label foundations and make the most of them. It requires independent customs agencies involved or in charge of certifications and merchandise controls, enabling and optimizing its import and export and times and costs.

We embrace the challenge; in Woodward Logistics, we are committed to creating a world without borders, and we know that the right tools can take domestic, international trade, and logistics to the next level. Thanks to our knowledge and trajectory, we provide efficient and fast services to go beyond the needs. Get ready to grow your business, and let us boost your success!