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New trends of Maritime Transportation

International trade could not take place without sea transportation. According to the International Maritime Organization, 90% of the world’s trade moves across the oceans. A good maritime transportation system is essential for supply chains and logistics companies in order to them to deliver goods on time.

For this reason in the last decades, new maritime transportation trends have appeared in order to make it more efficient, ecological and secure with the objective of complying with clients’ needs. Now, we will see some of the most important current trends.


  • Technology advancements adoption

In the same way offices and factories have changed due to digital transformation, the world of sea transportation has adopted the benefits of the 4.0 Industry and Technology. In the last decade, new technologies have made maritime transportation more efficient for logistics companies.

Among the new technologies that have been adopted are Artificial Intelligence and drones, which are used for navigation with minimum human intervention, cloud services to access information remotely, and blockchain for goods’ document and transaction management. It is estimated that the level of adoption will keep increasing as companies get used to the medium and long-term benefits. Besides, these technologies allow humans to increase productivity and reduce risky situations.


  • The Green Agenda

The sea transportation industry is not indifferent to the protection of the environment. Even though sea transportation only represents 3% of world CO2 emissions, it generates around 15% of sulfur emissions, one of the main components of acid rain. Besides, current ship engines produce sound and vibrations that seriously affect sea animals like whales.

In order to solve these problems, companies and organizations have taken more environment-friendly measures. Recently the International Maritime Organization published a strategy that pursues to reduce by half the pollution created by ships by the year 2050. This strategy includes retrofitting old boats with new low emission technology. Also, companies are trying to promote the development and construction of ships that use renewable energy, like the new ships development by Yara which work exclusively on electric energy.


  • New routes and markets

The economic growth of developing countries and the opening of new markets is a trend that will have an impact on sea transportation by creating new international supply chains. The emerging economies of Asia, Africa, and Latin America have consolidated the growth of their middle classes, boosting spending power. It is thought that this trend will have a long-term effect on which new transportation routes will be traced, as well as the need for bigger cargo ships in order to satisfy emerging markets demands.

At Woodward Logistics, we are aware of the new trends in the world of logistics and supply chains so we can offer our clients the best services in goods transportation. If you are interested in knowing more we invite you to visit our webpage.





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