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The benefits of hiring a 3PL company.

Logistics is a fundamental element for companies that export their products abroad. Many of these businesses have a supply chain infrastructure and a team focused on logistics tasks. Nonetheless, in many occasions, companies are in the need for specialized services and advisory from other companies that work exclusively in logistics.

Hiring with one of these companies, known as Third Party Logistics providers or 3PL, can offer many benefits like boosting and expanding operations without investing in additional infrastructure or personnel. Working with a 3PL has become so popular that around 90% of Fortune 500 companies use 3PL services.

Not many people are familiar with the benefits of working with a 3PL company, so here we will discuss the advantages of hiring one.

Cutting costs

One of the main factors that motivate businesses to contract 3PL services is cutting costs. Firstly, a company doesn’t have to worry about acquiring additional infrastructure; buying transportation equipment like trailers or arrange a lease for a warehouse. Also, there are savings in human resources because companies don’t hire additional logistics staff.

Specialized advisory

Another advantage is that 3PL is composed of experts in transportation and foreign trade that will help you with complex processes or that require a special follow-up with authorities. Also, they can help you in improving internal processes to make them more effective.

Networks of strategic alliances

When you hire a 3PL company, you don’t only hire their services but also get access to other companies or firms that can help you with other solutions you need. A logistics ally makes possible to develop better relationships with more providers or government regulatory and customs authorities. By expanding your portfolio with new contacts, your business will have more opportunities to grow and get better deals.

Constant improvements in your supply chain.

By having and specialized team of experts next to you, it’s easier to be up to date with new logistics technology trends new supply chain trends.

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