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New trends and 2022 marked by e-logistics

the logistics industry acquired a series of lessons translated as windows of opportunity to strengthen its operations and adjust its strategy to this new scenario.

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Everything you need to know about fulfillment and how to use it to your advantage

How to implement it in the logistics field? Read on and discover the importance of keeping your customers satisfied through exceptional service.

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Industrial transformation, a sustainable development that begins with internal change

Companies know's the importance of correct use of natural resources, and in this series of strategic, operational actions, the logistics sector is not far behind.

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Circular Economy, a paradigm confronting the current debilitating industrial resources

A Circular Economy seeks to make the most out of the resources within the supply chain.

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Sustainable Logistics and it’s a favorable impact on the environment

Find out what sustainable logistics is all about and its continuous effort to minimize the impact on the environment.

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Crisis in the Mexican railway sector and its main effects

The Mexican railway system is going through difficult times since blockades have been made on the main routes, and it has caused losses of different kinds.

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