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Last Mile Problems and Solutions

The increased demand for e-commerce was so high that by April 2020, the growth investment put forth by many logistics companies to keep up was overwhelmed by consumers showing no intention of slowing down. Many operations collapsed under the newfound pressure, delaying supply chains and frustrating customers who tried to follow-up on orders lacking status […]

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The Importance of Intelligent Lighting in Warehouses

LED praises are sung all around the world, as they save about 75% more energy than their competitors, according to a study by the US Department of Energy. However, efficient smart lighting systems are much more complex and are composed of multiple elements, hence why they are complete systems in themselves. Motion sensors, dimmers, usage […]

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Biodegradable Materials to Combat Waste in Logistics

It was 16 years later that Sunlight  became the first company to sell its products with traditional plastic packaging on a large scale. This breaks from the preconception that environmentally friendly solutions exist only as answers to pollution and ecological crises. In reality, eco-friendly options predate fossil-based polymers, which became widely used, due to their […]

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How to Successfully Migrate Toward e-Commerce

Although online retailers and services have demonstrated great success in the world, even some major businesses have ignored these opportunities. How can  small and medium businesses engage in e-commerce then? We have good news for all the businesspeople who were once interested in e-commerce but never dared dip their toes in it, as well as […]

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How customs keep the world safe

This crucial function makes customs an essential regulatory institution. So let’s talk about them, their specific features, how those functions benefit the population when they are executed with efficacy, and how we can modernize them to help satisfy global needs post-COVID-19. The Purpose of Customs   Collecting tariffs constitutes one of the main missions of […]

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How will logistics companies prepare for the re-opening of the economy?

Escalated reopening As some businesses and companies reopen, they will need logistics services in order to do so. However, the number of goods that they will move will be much lower. According to the World Economic Forum, industries like apparel, tourism, and some food services are seeing a decline in demand as consumers are less […]

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