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Increased cargo in Mexican ports: a good commercial omen

Mexican trade and logistics have gone through a lot these last two years, so the increase in cargo in ports is a sign of recovery for the country’s work.

Global business activities predicted a sudden recovery to early 2022 thanks to the progress of vaccination against COVID-19 and the reduction of restrictive trade policies. 

As the first half of the year approaches, the optimistic forecast for trade figures has been reduced due to socio-political conflicts, the inflationary situation, and, above all, the increase in COVID-19 cases in trading countries that are key to economic recovery. 

Likewise, commercial ports have experienced delays in their operations in response to increased commercial demand and port restrictions as measures to prevent the COVID-19 spread. 

It is worth mentioning the premise of the World Trade Organization, which has indicated that the commercial path at the global level has a difficult way ahead. In the national cause, the Congress:  “The International Post Pandemic Future” was recently held, which brought together leading experts and leaders in ports, customs, and logistics in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. This space was the ideal scenario where concerns arose regarding Mexico’s commercial problems and challenges and the importance of accelerating the automation of processes as a favorable response to commercial obstacles. 

On the other hand, it expressed the need to improve port security. It is considered a key element in Manzanillo and Veracruz to achieve better port efficiency. 

The encouraging figures of the SEMAR 

It seems complicated to imagine that this scenario provides a favorable prognosis, although not impossible. 

Recently, the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) announced that in the first quarter of 2022, Mexican ports operated a total of 2,677,686 20-foot containers (TEU), which means an increase of 12.1% compared to the 2 million 388 thousand 012 TEU of the same period corresponding to 2021. 

Likewise, SEMAR confirmed that Mexican ports also imported 1,346,191 TEUs, representing an increase of 13.1% compared to 1,189,778 TEUs in the same year-on-year cycle. 

On the other hand, exports amounted to 1 million 328 thousand 860 TEUs, representing 11% more based on the previous 1 million 196 thousand 668 TEUs. 

Containers filled with merchandise also increased by 10.6%, reaching 1,864,262 TEUs in January-April this year, in contrast to 1,685,152 TEUs in 2021. at the same time, empty containers reached 813 thousand 424 TEUs, which, in proportion to the previous 702 thousand 860 TEUs, show 15.7% more. 

For its part, through the Pacific enclosures, 1 million 961 thousand 922 TEUs were moved, increasing 18.3% compared to 1 million 658 thousand 802 TEUs in the first quarter of 2021. 

The ports of the Gulf of Mexico also showed good figures, as they handled 715 thousand 764 TEUs, which represents a contraction of 1.8% compared to 729 thousand 210 containers in the accumulated January-April 2021. 

Therefore,  Mexican trade and logistics expect to improve and move towards a full recovery since several industries, such as tourism and automobiles, have recently operated large amounts of imports and exports that favor the country and represent a strong pillar for Mexican trade and logistics.