Woodward Group understands the challenge in Logistics.

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Our pursuit of excellence has positioned us as the most prominent customs broker agency in the Pacific. Get to know us!


Woodward Logistics understands the challenge of logistics. Thanks to our team’s expertise in international networks and supply chains, we deliver swift logistics solutions across all major industries nationwide and in the Asian market.


We have imported more than five automotive plants seamlessly, from the generation of the preliminary project  plans on-site, the revision of the tariff classification of the total number of parts, invoice coordination, management of packing lists, to the consolidation and loading of containers.

We began our operations in the automotive sector in 1970 with the CIVAC plant, the first manufacturing plant of Nissan Mexicana built outside of Japan.

In January 2012, we handled the importation of the entire production line for the Nissan A2 plant. Our specialized team in the automotive sector coordinated operations from the beginning of all logistics to expedite the direct discharge of the shipping vessel, and then proceed to the dispatch.

The plant began its operations in November 2013 with an annual production of 175,000 units to supply the markets of Mexico, the United States and the 37 countries integrated into the region of Latin America and Caribbean.

Since 2008, we have successfully handled the imports for TMMBC, the first Toyota plant in Mexico where 160,000 vehicles are produced every year. We support the process of importing their raw materials efficiently, as well as the process of exporting the finished product.

In 2019, the second Toyota plant in Mexico, TMMGT, will begin its operations where we will proudly deliver these same services.


We operate more than 80% of the import volume of steel in the Port of Manzanillo (Source: Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes).

In 2018, we received the Best Supplier award from Posco MPPC for our sales contribution through the import of 5 million tons of steel.

We offer advice to our clients, drawing upon our wealth of experience and in an efficient and timely manner.

We work together collaboratively with our business partners to offer tailored supply chain solutions.


Not only do we have more than 40 years of experience in the import and export of minerals from the most important mines in the country, but we also contribute to the importation of different types of fertilizers, machinery, and technologies.

For each of our projects, we have successfully planned the supply chains, coordinating between the client, transport, storage center, shipping company, maneuvering and authorities such as the port, customs, Office for Economic Affairs, Secretariat of Health, and municipal and federal authorities, among others. We also leverage our expert knowledge about rights and obligations to ensure a smooth and effective supply chain for every project.

Food and Perishables

We have more than three decades of experience in the dispatch of food and perishables, agricultural products, and aquaculture.

We offer advisory services and procedures for the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) through the National Health Service Food Safety and Quality (SENASICA).

We offer services at different Animal Health Inspection and Inspection Points (PVIZI) and Phytosanitary Import Inspection and Verification Points (PVIFI) for products regulated by SAGARPA such as Phytosanitary, Zoosanitary, perishable, refrigerated and frozen cargo.


We have more than 30 years of experience supporting and offering advisory services on procedures to our customers in obtaining import certificates from PROFEPA (Procuraduría General de Protección al Ambiente), who verifies the sanitary quality in the importation of wood from other countries. We also prioritize ensuring the legal provenance of those regulated by CITES, based on the export documents issued by the countries of origin.

Our expertise and commitment to ensure phytosanitary security and legal trade of lumber distinguishes our work in this industry.